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Advanced Safety

Advanced safety solutions for Smart Life on Board ensure each occupant has an individual safety cocoon in all seated positions.
Advanced Safety
Benefit from have an individual safety cocoon in all positions
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A changing safety landscape

Autonomous driving will bring new use cases for the vehicle interior. As occupant positions may no longer need to be fixed facing forward and upright, new solutions for seat-belts and air bags will be needed.

Faurecia expects 15% of vehicles to be level 4+ autonomous by 2030, which means users will have more freedom to do other tasks during their journey, and safety features will be key. Faurecia is adapting and developing safety systems so that passengers can continue to travel safely in any seated position, whether they are driving, working or relaxing.

Faurecia’s approach to advanced safety combines new seat kinematics while integrating safety components such as airbags or the seatbelt directly into the seat.

Advanced Versatile Structure (AVS) in driving, working & relaxing mode
Driving mode
Working mode
Relaxing mode

Partnering for safer autonomous vehicles

In future autonomous vehicles, drivers can be in relaxed positions since they will no longer be fully occupied driving, front passengers can swivel around to better interact with other occupants, and backseat passengers can be in either relaxed or working positions. To ensure that passengers are safe in autonomous vehicles, Faurecia has partnered with ZF to develop the Advanced Versatile Structure (AVS) that allows occupants to drive, relax and work safely and efficiently. Smart kinematics effortlessly recline, lift, adjust and swivel the seat, and then return it smoothly and quickly back to the upright or driving position. Safety features such as airbags or the seatbelt are integrated directly into the seat.

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