Cockpit of the Future

Cockpit intelligence platform

Faurecia’s Cockpit Intelligence Platform (CIP) integrates the key functions of the cockpit such as driver information, infotainment, safety, comfort, thermal management or sound system to ensure the cockpit interacts intuitively and provides a seamless and predictive on board experience for all.
cip 2



Driving towards more connected mobility

With the arrival of autonomous vehicles and the growing complexity of automotive technology, vehicles feature a wide array or electronics. Faurecia’s Cockpit Intelligence Platform is a step towards integrating the electronics within the vehicle into a single platform while ensuring the smooth management of the vehicle’s interior functions.



A Centralized Intelligence to run the cockpit

The car of the future will be more connected and personalized than ever. From individual immersive sound experience in a sound bubble, to personalized climate comfort, enhanced comfort and wellness or advanced safety, it needs a platform to connect and manage them all. The goal of the Cockpit Intelligence Platform is to simplify hardware and software integration for automakers thanks to a “single brain” electronic control unit that replaces the multiple domains controllers.

Faurecia develops the CIP with open source technologies so that new apps from software developers and users can be integrated into the vehicle. The innovative architecture of CIP simplifies cockpit management with enhanced features modularity.