Cockpit of the Future

Comfort & Wellness

Enhanced Comfort and Wellness solutions help passengers feel better at the end of their journey than at the beginning and can collect pertinent data for the predictive Cockpit of the Future.
Health and wellness on board
Feel better at the end of your journey
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Developing the science of wellness

Faurecia’s R&D teams have developed technology solutions that evaluate driver or passenger comfort in order to provide an optimal onboard experience and enhance wellness.

The goal: to offer a more personalized comfort experience, with individual preferences stored in the cloud and using artificial intelligence to anticipate user needs

Predictive comfort and wellness

Predictive comfort and wellness

The cockpit of the future’s smart seat will be able to analyze physiological data and then apply countermeasures to mitigate motion sickness, stress, discomfort, drowsiness, and readiness to operate controls. Data gathered on the driver’s condition is translated into a variety of personalized actions that include adjusting the seat position, a five-program massage capability, seat ventilation, changes in ambient lighting or the audio environment. Over time, the cockpit will learn the occupant’s preferences to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable on board experience. This starts with first identifying the occupants and, based on their profile, establishing a baseline recommendation for thermal, postural and audio comfort.

Over time, as individuals adjust their settings, seats will register these changes and leverage artificial intelligence to learn and predict when the occupant will need certain adjustments to maintain the most positive overall experience.