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Immersive Sound Experience

Faurecia’s Immersive Sound Experience ensures each passenger has a personalized sound bubble with no interference.

Sound for a changing mobility landscape


In the growing market of ride-sharing, creating personal space in the vehicle is becoming ever more important. In developing its immersive sound technology, Faurecia considered the need for personalized experiences that are both intuitive and connected, so that passengers can listen to what they want, when they want, wherever they are seated in the cabin.

Faurecia’s immersive sound experience combines sound software and hardware to meet a variety of different user needs, whether for work (professional phone calls, etc.) or leisure (listening to music and entertainment). With this new technology, the vehicles of tomorrow will allow passengers to manage their own individual sound bubble for a more comfortable and personalized on board experience.

Enjoy your personal sound bubble with no interference
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Immersive sound experience
Immersive sound experience

An immersive sound experience

Faurecia’s unique sound technology provides an individualized high-quality sound that uses vibrations to enhance passengers’ perception and deliver a holistic sound experience. A combination of hardware - a seat-based-bass, integrated speakers close to the ear in headrests and door panels - and software manage the sound experience.

The solution is designed with shared mobility in mind so that sound can be targeted to each individual in the vehicle separately. For cases such as individual phone interactions, personalized navigation information or movie viewing, the sound bubble ensures that other passengers won’t hear information meant for the driver or vice versa. Individuals can choose to switch off their personalized sound space or open up their sound bubble to other passengers.