Cockpit of the Future

Intuitive HMI for a smart life on board




Smart life on board


In the future, when vehicles are autonomous, the way occupants will be able to spend their time in the vehicle will be crucial.

Thanks to its versatile architecture and smart Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Faurecia’s cockpit will adapt to occupants’ needs to ensure a personalized experience in all driving modes.

Smart control unit

Smart Controls at your fingertips

Faurecia has developed a new generation of on-board connected interface: the Smart Control Unit. Easy to reach at all times, the Smart Control Unit allows you to integrate your smartphone in the most convenient place in the car for the occupant. It can then be used to control the displays, seat position thermal or audio settings, etc.

Morphing Instrument Panel

Adaptive displays

As an example of its expertise in mechatronics, kinematics and design, Faurecia has created a unique Morphing Instrument Panel. When the driver switches from driving to autonomous mode, the display glides from the driver’s side to a central position and simultaneously the instrument panel surface smoothly adapts its shape. Both movements are managed by Faurecia’s innovative know-how in micro-mechanisms and materials. That way, occupants benefit from an optimal display surface for either driving or entertainment mode. During driving mode, the display serves as cluster giving supplying road information and safety signals, and can also act as a central screen for navigation and media. During autonomous mode, the display becomes a large infotainment screen visible for all passengers.


Voice-activated cockpit

Through its acquisition of Parrot Automotive and its leading position in the full automotive interior, Faurecia has been able to integrate voice-activated control for navigation, infotainment and seat comfort. The system is open, scalable and able to keep up with the consumer electronics industry.

As voice becomes the new standard for HMI, occupants will be able to control the navigation, play a movie, make a phone call or launch a relaxing massage without lifting a finger.

Faurecia has designed the cockpit to provide the driver and the passengers with an individualized voice assistant experience, ensuring continuity between the home and the vehicle environment and allowing seamless connectivity and comfort on board.