Cockpit of the Future

Personalized thermal management

Climate comfort and air quality solutions for smart life on board provide each passenger with a personalized experience of climate control and air quality, adapted to his/her individual needs.
Adapt climate and air quality to your preferences
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Thermal comfort

A growing need for personalization


The Group’s strategy for climate comfort and air quality on board combines both new and traditional technologies across the whole interior of the vehicle including air vents, radiant panels integrated into door panels and thermal seating management to provide each passenger with a personalized comfort bubble. Using artificial intelligence the system can anticipate user preferences, for example by cooling the cabin before the occupants get into the car in the summer.

Climate comfort

Personalized climate comfort inside the next generation cockpit

Faurecia’s approach to personalized climate management is an integrated system that combines traditional thermal management technologies (ventilation, thermal seating management etc.) with new solutions such as advanced materials that are able to absorb/release the heat when and where required.

Faurecia climate comfort gives each person the ability to regulate individual heating and cooling systems, without imposing their specific climate preferences on other passengers. In addition, by adapting heat to different body areas and predicting passenger needs in different weather conditions, Faurecia’s predictive software is more energy efficient. The climate management system will only heat necessary space around occupants, saving energy and making the entire on board experience more comfortable for all.


Partnering for climate comfort: Faurecia & Mahle

As a full interior systems integrator, Faurecia combines its unique expertise with Mahle’s thermal technologies to enhance passenger comfort and energy efficiency for tomorrow’s vehicles. Together, the two companies are developing smart cabin thermal management solutions to ensure personalized climate comfort for each individual user.