Sustainable mobility

Solutions for cleaner urban mobility

Faurecia’s Sustainable Mobility technology is aimed at significantly lowering emissions for cleaner cities.
Solutions for cleaner urban mobility



Solutions for Cleaner Urban Mobility


To meet the challenge for better air quality, especially in cities where it’s an ever more critical challenge, the industry needs to continue to improve the performance of traditional powertrains, as well as accelerate powertrain electrification.

Faurecia provides clean mobility solutions for all types of powertrains and is developing a digital services offer to play a leading role in providing technology solutions for cleaner cities.

London double decker - ASDS Nox reduction technology

Bus & Trucks retrofit technology

With “ASDS™”, Faurecia has developed a powerful de-NOx system for buses and trucks that eliminates up to 99 percent of nitrogen oxide pollutants. The method, in which pure ammonia is stored in solid form in the vehicle, improves exhaust gas values through more efficient conversion of NOx emissions, especially at low temperatures. This solution has already been implemented through retrofit projects in numerous urban bus and truck fleets in Copenhagen, London and South Korea. A track record of 60 million kilometers on the road shows that ASDS™ is a fast and cost-effective way to reduce NOx in cities and improve air quality.

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Solutions for clean urban mobility - ASDS
Solutions for clean urban mobility - The ASDS in London
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Digital solutions for cities

Building on its technology expertise in aftertreatment systems and real time NOx emissions, Faurecia has created the Clean Drive App that will analyze driver’s mobility behavior and give them personalized advice in order to reduce their emissions footprint. The app can incentivize the driver and propose alternative routes to avoid more polluted areas. Faurecia has also developed a city dashboard mapping air quality and interacting with Clean Drive app users. The two solutions form a digital ecosystem helping cities and their citizens to lead to a more sustainable mobility.