Sustainable mobility

Ultra-low emission mobility

As a global leader for the last 15 years in air quality and energy efficiency solutions for passenger vehicles, Faurecia is expanding its passenger vehicle expertise to commercial vehicles & high horsepower engines.
Ultra-low emission mobility
Passenger cars and light vehicles
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Peugeot 4008
Passenger vehicle - Opel Grandland X

CO2 emissions regulations have already imposed drastic reductions on light vehicles around the world, falling from above 180g CO2/km ten years ago to targets below 100g CO2/km for Europe, the US and China between 2021 and 2025. Faurecia provides emissions and noise reduction systems that contribute to meet future standards, as well as aftertreatment systems for internal combustions engines and hybrid powertrains to reduce their emissions, noise and recover waste energy.

Emission and noise reduction systems

Low-pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation for gasoline engines (LP EGR)

A technology that re-injects a precise amount of cooled engine exhaust gas back into the engine to improve combustion cycle efficiency, targeting up 6% fuel economy (WLTP based)

Compact Exhaust Heat Recovery System (EHRS)

Improving vehicle efficiency by recovering up to 75% of exhaust heat for reuse in either warming up the vehicle cabin or heating the engine, providing up 5-6% fuel economy in cold conditions on all type of hybrid vehicles.

Electrically-Heated Catalyst

A cutting-edge system that activates the catalyst in low-temperature phases, using electric energy to heat up exhaust gases. The system enhances the aftertreatment performance by heating the gases and the ceramic catalyst bricks.

Commercial Vehicles
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Commercial Vehicles - DAF XF
Véhicules utilitaires - retrofit ASDS

Mainly running on diesel, commercial vehicles will have to adapt to stringent regulations in the years to come and reduce their emission levels. Faurecia is developing new aftertreatment architectures against traditional pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in order to be compliant with the Ultra-Low NOx and worldwide emissions standards (CARB and EURO VII).

High Horsepower Engines
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Container ship

As Faurecia expands its expertise in Sustainable Mobility from commercial and passenger vehicles to high horsepower vehicles, the Group has strengthened its technology offering supporting cleaner mobility through the acquisition of Hug Engineering. Hug Engineering is the market leader in complete exhaust gas purification systems for high horsepower engines (above 750hp) which are used in applications including marine propulsion, power generation, rail, agricultural and other industries.