Sustainable mobility

Advanced technologies for zero emission vehicles

Faurecia’s Sustainable Mobility technologies for zero emissions are a key part of the Group’s global solutions towards a zero emissions world. Focusing on emerging hydrogen fuel cell and battery packs. Faurecia aims to expand its initiatives for future zero emissions mobility.



The rise of zero emissions mobility

To meet the challenge for better air quality, the industry continues to improve the performance of traditional powertrains, as well as accelerate powertrain electrification. The acceleration of both battery and fuel cell electric vehicles is driving the need for lightweight battery housing and integrated battery thermal management and as well as efficient fuel cell systems and lightweight fuel cell tanks.

Faurecia is accelerating its strategy in these domains.

Fuel cell

Fuel cell technology

Fuel cell technology offers an attractive and complementary alternative to battery electric vehicles. The range and refueling time of fuel-cell electric vehicles is equivalent to gasoline cars whilst being completely emissions-free. By 2030, it is estimated that at least 2 million new vehicles and well over 350,000 trucks will be equipped with fuel cell technology.

Faurecia draws on its extensive experience in systems integration and its partnerships with Stelia Composites, the CEA and Ad-Venta, to combine fuel tank and fuel cell stack technologies into a comprehensive solution for both light and commercial vehicles. Faurecia’s overall goal is to halve the cost of the fuel cell stack to make it a more attractive option for automakers to integrate into their electric vehicle range as this technology matures and refueling infrastructure develops.

Battery pack

Battery systems

Faurecia is developing a range of battery top covers and full battery housing solutions for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, and is extending its offer to include battery thermal management integration and battery modules.

Faurecia’s goal is to provide innovative solutions for battery packs to leverage its capabilities and know-how in system integration, composite materials and thermal management. Faurecia’s full-composite and hybrid (composite/metal) product offer provides best-in-class weight and volume performance, improving overall vehicle range and energy efficiency. Faurecia believes Fuel Cell and Battery Electric Vehicles will co-exist as complementary mobility solutions as both offer different advantages depending on use-cases, cost and regulations.