CES Las Vegas 2019

Cockpit of the Future
Sustainable Mobility

At CES Las Vegas, Faurecia will reveal breakthrough technologies for the cockpit of the future and zero emissions mobility

At CES® Las Vegas (January 8th -12th 2019), Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, will demonstrate its technology leadership for Smart Life on Board and Sustainable Mobility, with a booth located in Las Vegas Convention Center Central Plaza CP3.
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Faurecia will reveal disruptive innovations for a safe, comfortable and personalized on-board experience as well as its solutions for zero emissions mobility. Among the technologies highlighted are:

  • A fully integrated Cockpit of the Future in a serial production vehicle reflecting how onboard intelligence and integrated design creates a more personalized, versatile and connected experience to allow all occupants, both front and rear row, to make  the most of their time onboard, as the industry moves toward autonomous driving.
  • The Cockpit Intelligence Platform: an electronics system integrating cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence, developed in partnership with Accenture, which manages all the interior functions of the Cockpit for an intuitive interaction between occupants and the vehicle.
  • Innovative versatile seat structures: new front and rear seat structures and kinematics with specific safety features developed with ZF to optimize individual comfort and safety in all seat positions and orientations of an autonomous car.
  • Advanced individual thermal comfort: smart and efficient thermal management and air quality solutions developed with MAHLE that bring personalized wellness.
  • An immersive sound experience: new surface activation and noise cancellation technologies that enhance the audio experience within an individual sound bubble.
  • Fuel cell systems: fuel tank and fuel cell stack technologies developed in partnerships with Stelia Composites and the CEA to combine into a comprehensive solution for both light and commercial vehicles.


A press conference with Faurecia CEO, Patrick Koller, and VIP guests will be held on January 7 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 10.00AM (room Surf A-B-C)


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