Cockpit of the future with Hella

Cockpit of the Future

Faurecia and Hella enter into strategic partnership

Automotive suppliers to partner on interior lighting solutions for the Cockpit of the Future
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The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA and Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, will cooperate in a strategic partnership for the development of innovative interior lighting solutions.

Within this cooperation, both companies will jointly develop lighting with high-technology content in the domain of surface-lighting and dynamic-lighting for a more personalized cockpit environment. Faurecia contributes its expertise as a complete system integrator for vehicle interiors and HELLA supplies innovative products in the field of interior lighting.


Partnership signing



In the rapidly changing automotive industry, we need to create value through innovations with rapid time to market. As a systems integrator in the vehicle interior, we have created partnerships to expand our technology expertise and become more agile. Our strategic collaboration with HELLA is the latest example of this approach. Alongside our partnerships with MAHLE and ZF, we are uniquely positioned to offer safe, connected and personalized user experiences which can be integrated into today’s vehicles and will be critical for tomorrow’s cars.

Patrick Koller
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CEO of Faurecia

Trends such as autonomous driving and individualization will completely redefine vehicle interiors. We are therefore already working intensively on concepts for vehicle interior lighting that enable a variety of new functionalities and can be adapted to the different needs of passengers and driving situations. The collaboration with Faurecia will provide us with additional opportunities to drive the development of innovative interior lighting solutions in a comprehensive manner.

Rolf Breidenbach
Fonction de l'auteur

At the Paris Motor Show held in October 2018, Faurecia and HELLA showcased a first demonstration of a unique ambient lighting experience for a more comfortable, dynamic and versatile environment integrated into a Cockpit of the future. On entering the vehicle, occupants were welcomed by personalized interior lighting on the instrument panel, door panels and seats. Faurecia and HELLA have also worked on the autonomous driving scenario to devise a series of dynamic lighting features to enhance driver information and safety.

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