Faurecia and its breaktrough Amminex technology awarded by Transport for London

Faurecia, one of the world's largest automotive equipment suppliers, today announced that it has been selected as one of the suppliers within Transport for London’s framework agreement to retrofit 5,800 London buses. Faurecia is the only supplier selected that can offer the superior Amminex technology that can remove up to 99% of NOx emissions. This announcement follows that made earlier this week concerning 20 000 buses in Seoul, Korea that will be retrofitted with the Amminex technology.
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The NOx Abatement Program introduced by London is yet another demonstration that air quality is a major priority for cities. After Copenhagen and Seoul, we have a new opportunity to demonstrate that Amminex has the most efficient technology to address the NOx issue.  Our ambition is to provide clean mobility solutions to both our OEM customers and to cities. We estimate that there are around 26 million commercial vehicles to be retrofitted around the world. Through this opportunity as well as expanding our offer to first fit and industrial applications, Faurecia is targeting to reach over €1 billion of value added sales by 2030 with this technology.

Patrick Koller
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CEO of Faurecia

Amminex, a Danish technology company acquired by Faurecia in 2016, is the only supplier able to propose this breakthrough technology called ASDS™ (Ammonia Storage and Delivery System) which has been proven to reduce NOx emissions by as much as 99 percent. With a lighter, high-efficiency system which works particularly well at low engine temperatures, ASDS™ can reduce NOx emissions by a factor of up to 4 versus AdBlue®. It is thus well adapted to slow, urban driving conditions and for city vehicles such as buses and commercial delivery vehicles. 

In addition to providing the NOx reduction system, Amminex also offers a real-time monitoring of the emissions of each vehicle equipped. This provides cities with data to manage their fleet and the recharging of the cartridges.

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