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Faurecia demonstrates efficient and intelligent technologies at IAA commercial vehicles 2018

For its first participation at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover, Germany (September 20-27), Faurecia will be showcasing advanced technologies for fuel efficiency, air quality, zero emission and driver well-being.
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Optimization of fuel efficiency and air quality

Faurecia is a leader in developing technologies to improve air quality and energy efficiency for passenger and commercial vehicles. Through its recent acquisition of HUG Engineering, which offers complete systems for High Horsepower vehicles, including monolith, coating, manufacturing and assembly, Faurecia is now also a leading player in this fast-growing market segment. In addition the Group is developing innovative solutions for zero emission transportation such as fuel cell and battery technologies.

  • Fuel cell technology: Faurecia aims industrialize advanced fuel cell technologies by optimizing high-pressure tanks and stacks. Faurecia draws on its extensive experience in systems integration to combine storage, pressure management and fuel cell stack technologies into a comprehensive solution for both light and commercial vehicles. Faurecia is developing lightweight, cost-effective 350 & 700-bar hydrogen tanks in partnership with Stelia Aerospace Composites. The Group is also working with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to develop, mass-produce and market a high-performance fuel cell stack.
  • “ASDS” advanced air quality technology: With “ASDS™”, Faurecia has developed a particularly powerful and weight-optimized de-NOx system for buses and trucks that eliminates up to 99 percent of nitrogen oxide pollutants. The method, in which pure ammonia is stored in solid form in the vehicle, improves air quality through more efficient conversion of NOx emissions, especially at low exhaust gas temperatures. This solution has already been implemented through retrofit projects for numerous urban bus fleets in Copenhagen, London and South Korea. A track record of 50 million kilometers on the road shows that ASDS™ is a fast and cost-effective way to reduce NOx in cities and improve air quality.
  • Electrically-Heated Catalyst (EHC): Faurecia developed this key technology to comply with upcoming regulations and to improve the efficiency of removing pollutants for Internal Combustion Engines.  The EHC technology is a cutting-edge system that activates the catalyst in low-temperature phases, using electric energy to heat up exhaust gases.  The system enhances the aftertreatment performance by heating the gases and the ceramic catalyst bricks. 
  • Ultra-Low NOx technology: Faurecia is presenting its vision of Ultra-Low NOx architectures compliant with new regulations such as CARB and Euro VII.


Intelligent solutions for more security and comfort in the cockpit

Faurecia also offers forward-looking technologies for smart vehicle interiors. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair, the company will present “Active Wellness Express™”, a groundbreaking innovation offering more comfort and safety for professional drivers. This is the first connected seat cover for professional drivers with sensors monitoring health and wellness data. The system detects fatigue and stress at an early stage and triggers appropriate counter- measures for more security, comfort and well-being at the wheel.

We cordially invite you to the Faurecia booth in Hall 23 (Booth D20) – we look forward to seeing you.

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