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Paris Motor Show: Faurecia demonstrates the power of its innovation ecosystem

World premier: ambient lighting in partnership with HELLA integrated into a Cockpit of Future
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The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, driven by four megatrends: connectivity, autonomous driving, ride sharing and electrification. To adapt to these changes and accelerate development of solutions for the Cockpit of the Future and Sustainable Mobility, Faurecia has established an ecosystem that incorporates alliances with industry leaders, startups and academic institutions.

One of the key Faurecia innovations is the Cockpit of the Future, which features ambient lighting in partnership with HELLA, innovative seat structures with ZF, and a comprehensive solution for fuel-cell vehicles with STELIA Aerospace Composites, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energies Commission (CEA) and Ad-Venta.



  • Faurecia has integrated into a complete Cockpit of the Future the technologies developed by HELLA to create a unique ambient lighting experience for a more comfortable, dynamic and versatile environment. On entering the vehicle, occupants are welcomed by personalized interior lighting on the instrument panel, door panels and seats. Faurecia and HELLA have also worked on the autonomous driving scenario to devise a series of dynamic lighting features to enhance driver information and safety.
  • The advent of autonomous driving has opened up a wider range of use cases uses requiring new active and passive safety systems. In the future, active safety systems will be occupant-centric and will be an integral part of the seat itself. Faurecia and ZF have developed an all-new frame concept for front and rear seats called the Advanced Versatile Structure (AVS), which provides passengers a safety cocoon in all front and rear seat positions. The solution includes intelligently powered kinematics that allow occupants to effortlessly recline, lift, adjust and swivel their seat, then return it quickly and smoothly to the upright driving position.



  • Faurecia has chosen to invest significant resources in optimizing the potential of fuel-cell technology, which provides an active and complementary alternative to battery electric vehicles. The Group has forged partnerships with research and technology specialists to offer high-performance solutions for three critical components representing 80% of the total value: the tank with STELIA Aerospace Composites, the high-pressure valve system that manages the hydrogen supply with French startup Ad-Venta, and the fuel-cell stack with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Faurecia aims to halve the cost of the fuel-cell stack to make it a more attractive option for a wide range of vehicles. It is also an appealing option to complement battery electric vehicles to provide an extremely flexible hybrid solution with zero emissions.


To find out more about Faurecia innovations on show at the Paris Motor Show, please view our interactive press kit:



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