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FORVIA Foundation to sponsor 21 solidarity projects led by Faurecia and HELLA employees

21 initiatives were selected by the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2022 – aiming at advancing education, improving mobility, or protecting the environment, all of them will be led by FORVIANS.
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With more than 150 projects submitted in 2022, the internal campaign was a great success – mobilizing Faurecia employees for the 3rd year in a row, and Hella employees for the first time. All initiatives will be deployed to benefit local communities, with the Foundation’s financial support.


The 2022 projects in figures

  • Out of the 21 projects selected:
    - 5 are already existing projects, that the Foundation continue to support
    - 16 focus on ensuring equal access to education
    - 3 aim at improving social inclusion through mobility
    - 2 aim at ensuring environmental conservation
    - 5 provide support to people with disabilities
  • The Foundation will dedicate €700K to sponsor these initiatives
  • More than 2,000 people that will benefit from those initiatives in 12 countries

And the 2022 winners are…



  • Vocational training for school dropouts – Faurecia Tunisia
    Develop the employability of school dropouts through vocational training
  • Industrial production school – Faurecia France
    Support the creation of school specialized in industrial maintenance located in Flers, France, targeting young people with no diploma
  • “Library without borders” – Faurecia France
    Collect books from employees and make them available to disadvantaged children from Seine Saint-Denis, France
  • Parents’ café – HELLA Germany
    Provide digital coaching / advice to parents (migrants, vulnerable mothers) and help them support their children in their learning journey
  • Digital inclusion – Faurecia Spain
    Provide digital equipment and training to 50 vulnerable children at a day-care center
  • Inclusive education – Faurecia Romania
    Organize sports and cultural activities to promote better inclusion of 100 children with disabilities
  • IT Lab – HELLA Romania
    Create a computer / IT room for 150 students in a rural school
  • Media Library in a rural school – HELLA Romania
    Set up a media library accessible to 153 students in a rural school
  • Digital skills training – Faurecia Brazil
    Improve the employability of 275 students in vulnerable situations by giving them access to digital skills trainings 
  • Mentoring program & scholarships – Faurecia Argentina
    3-year mentoring program targeting high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds 
  • Mekong Girls scholarships – HELLA Vietnam
    Sponsor 1-year scholarships for 50 schoolgirls living in areas highly affected by human trafficking



  • Solidarity cars – Faurecia Czech Republic
    Buy 3 minibuses over 3 for 3 day-care centers for children with disabilities
  • Minivan for social inclusion – HELLA Romania
    Buy a minivan to enable children with disabilities join social activities 
  • Happy & safe outside – HELLA Romania
    Finance road safety trainings and social activities for 30 children and teenagers with disabilities


  • Go green training – Faurecia Slovakia
    ‘Green school’ program to develop eco-friendly infrastructures and the pupils’ environmental awareness 
  • Indigenous forest restoration – Faurecia Argentina
    Empower 25 indigenous farmers and the community of 300 students to grow plants and trees to restore forests and improve their livelihoods


These new projects come in addition to 5 already existing ones which will continue getting support

  • “Toit à moi” – Faurecia France
    Provide accommodation to 5 homeless people and support their inclusion over 3 years
    A project supported following the Diversity & Inclusion Trophies 2021
  • Afterschool houses – Faurecia China
    Continue sponsoring 4 afterschool activities for 200 rural migrants’ children (project awarded in 2021)
  • Rural education – Faurecia India
    Extend the school building and dormitories capacity for 70 schoolgirls (following the donation to Action Against Hunger India in 2021)
  • Improving girls’ education – Faurecia India
    Continue developing students’ skills, improve the building’s infrastructure and upgrade equipment in the school for 300 students and 40 orphans (a project started in 2020) 
  • Access & Inclusion – Faurecia India Mission
    School’s building renovation for the 100 visually impaired residents (a project started in 2021)

Thank you to all project leaders and a warm welcome to colleagues from Hella who have submitted an initiative. Building on this fantastic momentum and to reflect our shared values, I am pleased to announce that the Foundation has become the FORVIA Foundation, for greater social impact in the 42 countries where Faurecia and Hella operate. Together, we will continue to give back to society wherever we can, and help projects thrive sustainably.

Patrick Koller
Fonction de l'auteur
Faurecia CEO and Chairman of the FORVIA Foundation

I would like to thank all employees who have joined the 3rd edition of our internal call for projects. Their enthusiasm and communicative energy make us grow. It is amazing to see how year after year, the ideas submitted are increasingly mature and with strong, sustainable potential.

Isabelle Cornu
Fonction de l'auteur
Group Sustainable Development Director & General Delegate of the FORVIA Foundation
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Faurecia Foundation
We are proud to share that the Foundation is taking its action a step further. 5 well-established associations have been identified in 2021, and will receive extra-funding, totaling €500,000. This comes in addition to the 11 inspiring initiatives run by Faurecians.


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For the second year in a row, the Faurecia Foundation launched an internal call for projects, mobilizing employees across the Group in October-November 2020.

Forvia foundation

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