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NOx reduction technology ASDS TM wins Air Quality Award

A panel of UK air quality experts have awarded Amminex, a Faurecia-owned company, for its innovative ASDS™ solution removing NOx from the streets of London.
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Amminex has been awarded the 2017 National Air Quality Award. The award is given in the Innovation category for the ASDS solution which removes NOx from diesel engines under difficult city driving conditions.

ASDS stands for Ammonia Storage and Delivery System. The technology is a new and improved way of distributing the chemical needed for removing toxic NOx emissions from diesel exhaust.

The National Air Quality Awards is a yearly initiative from the UK-based media, and the award in the innovation category is given “…for the product or innovative process which is seen as producing a notable benefit in moving to better air quality.

Within a realistic electrification timeframe of eight years, retrofitting a city bus fleet with ASDS will remove 30 percent more NOx, three times faster and at only three percent of the cost of replacing the fleet with electric buses.

Lars Tinggaard Johannesen says the recognition of ASDS as the most innovative air quality solution in the UK is pointing the way forward for improving air quality in large cities.




Selon Lars Tinggaard Johannesen, la reconnaissance d’ASDS comme technologie d’amélioration de la qualité de l’air la plus innovante du Royaume-Uni ouvre la voie en matière de qualité de l’air dans les grandes villes.


Traditionally, NOx emissions have been worst in slow, congested traffic. Unfortunately, this is exactly where the NOx emissions hurt the most, since more people are affected in densely populated areas. By keeping the SCR catalyst on the vehicle active at all times, ASDS can make a major difference in cleaning the air we breathe in city centers.

Lars Tinggaard Johannesen
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Product Line Manager, ASDS Retrofit

The technology is proven on the road with 300 buses in Copenhagen and so far, 70 buses in London have been upgraded with the ASDS technology under the Transport for London NOx abatement programme. Together with retrofit partner Eminox, Amminex will provide the ASDS solution for the upcoming Clean Air Zones in the wider UK.

Data from the London buses show that in just over a year, ASDS has spared the Londoners from breathing 55 tons of toxic NOx, whilst saving the bus operator for downtime and costly repairs. Over the coming years, up to 1000 buses in London will be upgraded with ASDS, essentially meaning their exhaust will be cleaner than the strictest emissions class, Euro VI.

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