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Pitesti plant wins Groupe Renault “Quality Mindset” award

At the Renault Supplier Awards held on June 3, Faurecia’s Pitesti (Romania) plant received the “Best Quality Mindset” award in the Quality & Customer Satisfaction category.
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The distinction is the direct result of the site’s customer-centric policy on risk prevention and monitoring with quality claims, as well as the team’s commitment to maintaining the site’s ranking score below the threshold in spite of the high volumes involved (with nearly 4 million parts manufactured each month). As an overall evaluation criterion for this award, Pitesti has demonstrated the strongest improvement in its quality results over the 3 last years.


I am very proud to represent Faurecia alongside our CEO, Patrick Koller, and Thorsten Muschal to receive this Renault Supplier Award. Good customer service fosters customer loyalty, which is vital to sustainable development and business success. A strong customer-service culture has become widely acknowledged as one of the fundamental strengths of Faurecia’s Pitesti plant. We will continue to mature and nurture this culture as we move forward.

Madalin Gangone
Fonction de l'auteur
Pitesti Plant Manager

At last year’s Renault Supplier Awards, the Pitesti plant won the “Best Service to Manufacturing” award.

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Corporate communications director
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