Total customer satisfaction

Total customer satisfaction

Faurecia is transforming itself with a very clear focus on Total Customer Satisfaction. This transversal goal can be achieved only with the full involvement of all the functions and of course our supply base. Together, we aim to understand, anticipate and exceed customers' expectations and all our suppliers are on-boarded on this journey.

We want our new signature to be “Five Start Customer Experience”. Customer expectations are always a combination of our performance and their perception when interacting with us. To improve it, we have implemented several actions:

  1. To measure, understand and improve perception, we have an app where customers provide feedback anytime; we act on concerns and systemic issues are proactively addressed.
  2. To consistently deliver our Five-Star performance, the Faurecia Excellence System is always true north. To support it, we rolled out a new comprehensive TCS index combining leading and lagging indicators.
  3. Lastly to secure the long-term customer centric culture transformation, we rolled out a five-star certification program focused on service mindset and skills.

The automotive industry has a very challenging pace, especially during programs launches. This is a very critical phase where our suppliers are requested to demonstrate their best and their ability to follow the ramp-up of the program, delivering the right product in the right quantity at the right time. Once production in our plant has started, then the serial life begins and we value continuous improvement ideas from suppliers that will help us in delivering our promise to our customers.

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