Cockpit electronics

HMI - trenza

Through HMI design and intuitive controls across the cabin, Faurecia has simplified how people interact with the vehicle, from the touchscreen central display, individual rear seat entertainment system or personal control pad integrated into the armrest. With the new Trenza multi-view graphical interface, users can bookmark and organize frequently-used apps or services via the infotainment display. The interface also makes it simpler to toggle between onboard settings and in-vehicle infotainment, while ensuring that key information is always visible.

Active noise control
Active noise control

Thanks to Creo Dynamics’ 20-plus years of expertise in acoustics, Faurecia is able to offer innovative hardware and software noise control solutions to improve comfort across the vehicle interior.

Creo Dynamics uses a proprietary process to optimize the location of microphones and speakers, and simulations to predict and guarantee the optimal performance of noise control systems. Acting on both Engine Order Control and Road Noise Control in vehicle interiors, these solutions offer up to proven 15dB reduction in the cabin and contribute to a quiet mobility.
This is particularly relevant to battery electric vehicles: though these are expected to be quieter than ICEs, and indeed are at lower speeds, both BEVs and ICEs are as noisy as each other at higher speeds but the expectations about the former remains the same.  Minimizing the impact of exterior noise through a full software and system design across the whole vehicle reduces stress and fatigue, enhances comfort and wellness, and results in higher perceived audio quality for all vehicle occupants, making for a more comfortable journey.