Sustainable materials

Seat for the Planet
Seat for the Planet

The Seat for the Planet innovation track offers OEMs significant gains in sustainability, with up to 15% weight reduction and 30% lower CO2 emissions by 2030. Seat for the Planet’s holistic approach to every seat component will transform industrial processes, materials used and the seats’ design to reduce their CO2 footprint throughout their life cycle, and improve recyclability so as to support circular economies.

Four principles guide the “Seat for the Planet” innovation program:

  • Use sustainable materials including both natural and lower CO2 materials as well as recycled and recyclable materials
  • Optimize material use by using less and reducing waste in manufacturing
  • Avoid mixed materials to facilitate recyclability
  • Optimize the design of the entire seat system and each component for easy assembly and disassembly
Interiors for the Planet
Interiors for the Planet

Faurecia leads the industry in sustainable materials for automotive interiors. First launched in 2011, new generations of the NAFILean® family, which incorporate natural fibers in non-visible plastic interiors components, offer significant reductions in weight (up to 41%) and CO2 emissions (up to 108% - effectively rendering the product CO2 negative). Around 13 millions vehicles are equipped with NAFILean® products.

Building on this track record, Faurecia has also developed the NFPP family manufactured which enable up to 50% weight reduction and can halve the CO2 emissions associated with these products.