Shareholders meeting 2020


Faurecia’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday June 26, 2020 at 10 am, behind closed doors, at the Company’s registered office, 23/27 avenue des Champs-Pierreux, 92000 Nanterre.

Informations légales ou texte complémentaire

The General Meeting is a special opportunity for listening and dialogue between shareholders and the Company. The sanitary crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic has led the Company to review the usual arrangements for the General Meeting. In order to protect the Group employees and shareholders' health and safety, the Board of Directors indeed decided, pursuant to the provisions of Order n°2020-321 of March 25, 2020, to hold the General Meeting behind closed doors, without the physical presence of the shareholders and persons entitled to attend it.

The General Meeting will be streamed (live and deferred broadcast) on this page.

In this context, shareholders are invited to vote, using the voting form either by postal service or on the internet with the secure voting platform VOTACCESS, or by giving a proxy to the Chairman of the General Meeting or to a third party. The detailed ways to exercise voting right prior to the General Meeting will be set out in the meeting notice and in the convening notice.

Shareholders may send written questions to the Company pursuant to the conditions provided by applicable regulation until the fourth trading day prior to the General Meeting. Given the exceptional nature of the situation and to encourage shareholder dialogue, any written question sent by a shareholder after the fourth trading day prior to the General Meeting, and therefore outside the regulatory framework for written questions, will be dealt with by the Company provided that the date of receipt gives the Company adequate time to respond to the question.

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