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This portal will allow you to find updated EDI documentation to exchange EDI with Faurecia plants globally.

Plants that have been migrated to our centralized FCS system will have the option of using different EDI versions within the Faurecia EDI landscape.
Our updated guidelines, our communications parameters sheets and central point of contact are also available by region.
The following picture shows a schematic overview of Faurecia IT's EDI landscape. Further technical details are provided in other sections in this site.
Tesselles Faurecia
New IFCSUM D96A EDI guideline available



New INVRPT D96A EDI guideline available



New 2D label guideline



In the frame of Faurecia digital transformation, new Faurecia Global Transport Label guideline (2D Label)  is available.

Correction on Delivery Note, it should contain MURN when LISA flow instead of Manifest sequence number.

New version of INVOIC D96A EDI guideline



New BGM qualifier 381 - Credit Notes



EDI transfers will be unavailable on Sunday 9th February following this agenda :

  • From 8:00 AM CET to 01:00 PM CET for European and Asian Plants
  • From 8:00 AM CET to 11:00 AM CET for American Plants

In case of doubt, thank you to join our EDI Contact at: edi@faurecia.com .

EDI Guidelines

Schematic overview of Faurecia IT's EDI landscapeEDI mobile


IP Meru

What is my Supplier ID?

Also kown as Supplier code or Vendor code.

This information will be found in the DELFOR D96A in segment RFF+ADE and in DELFOR D97A in segment NAD+SU. It can also be found on the Purchase Order or Contract provided to the Supplier.


What is the Seller code?

The seller code will be found in DELFOR in segment NAD+SE.

Typically, this will be your Duns & Bradstreet number (DUNS#), or EDI sender/receiver code.


My company currently exchanges EDI with other Faurecia sites. Do I need to return the form?

Yes. Faurecia is retaining the EDI forms returned from suppliers.


What do I need to complete in the EDI Form?

Complete the Yellow Cells that apply. View the comments that are in some of the cells for clarification. In order to setup the EDI communication we need the following which should be indicated in the Parameter Sheet:

  • the supplier code issued by Faurecia
  • the contact information
  • the vendor’s DUNS number (EDI sender/receiver code)
  • if EDI capable, the EDI standard ( EDIFACT D96A or D97A) you need to exchange
  • if not EDI capable, select the Supplier Connection (WEB-EDI) option
  • the vendors EDI sender receiver code and EDI VAN
  • the Faurecia location that the vendor is to be setup for EDI with.


My company has a formal process for approving costs, mapping, interfacing, etc. When do we have to have EDI in place?

This is determined by Faurecia Purchasing or the Faurecia plant. The EDI team is responsible for the communications setup. Please check with your Faurecia Purchasing or Faurecia Plant contact regarding these type of questions before contacting the Faurecia EDI team for setup.


What is the difference between Leveled and Non-Leveled suppliers?

  • Leveled supplier (LISA): Leveled supplier will receive a DELFOR D96A and DELJIT D96A. The data is net based and for each manifest (truck) a DELJIT message will be generated. So, if one supplier has ten trucks for the day, he will get ten DELJIT messages.
  • Non-Leveled supplier (Non-LISA): Think of this as standard DELFOR D96A/D97A in cumulative format. Non-Leveled suppliers will NOT receive a DELJIT but only a DELFOR D96A. They MUST send back an ASN for each shipment.
  • If you have NOT been asked to be a LISA supplier or you haven’t heard of LISA, you are NOT a Leveled supplier. If you need to confirm, please check with your Faurecia Purchasing contact. The EDI team will not know this information. Unless informed otherwise, the default EDI setup will be as Non-Leveled.


My company was previously setup for EDI with Faurecia, but has been recently discontinued. Do I still need to setup EDI?

Yes. If you are a supplier for Faurecia and have received one of the forms for EDI, you will need EDI communication with Faurecia.


What value should be sent in the RFF+ON segment of the DESADV?

The values that should be sent in the RFF+ON segment of the DESADV are the same values that are sent in the RFF+ON segments of the DELFOR.


FAURECIA receives a huge number of electronic files every day. In most cases everything works fine, but in certain cases there is a need for a supplier to contact the EDI team.

For technical questions/problems, please send e-mail to : edi@faurecia.com