Our convictions


Faurecia believes that acting responsibly is key to ensuring sustainable development for future generations. The Group has defined six Convictions which describe Faurecia's commitment for sustainability:

Environmental issues pose a serious challenge for humanity
The world is in a state of permanent disruption
Short term thinking jeopardizes future generations
Power must have a counterbalance
Diversity is a strength
Companies must have a positive impact on society

Combined with our company values (Entrepreneurship, Autonomy and Accountability, Respect, Exemplarity and Energy), these six Convictions mobilize our employees to balance short-term execution and sustainable long-term ambition. By deploying these convictions into concrete actions focusing on the Environment, Business and People, we want to make a difference.

Faurecia strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2019, Faurecia has identified the main SDGs it is contributing to through its CSR actions and its operations, as reflected on our Sustainability roadmap.