Aftertreatment technologies

Solutions for low and zero emissions mobility
Ultra-low emissions solutions
Reducing CO2 emissions with Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems

Today, one third of the energy produced by automotive drivetrains is lost as heat through the exhaust system.
Faurecia has developed a breakthrough innovation particularly well-adapted for use on hybrid vehicles - which will represent 30% on the powertrain mix by 2025 - by allowing them to operate in electric mode more often, improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.
Faurecia’s compact EHRS weighs less than 3 kilograms and offers best-in-class packaging, allowing installation in a position close to the engine for maximum heat recovery. It is the most competitive solution of its kind on the market and brings a reduction in fuel consumption from 3% to 7% in cold conditions due to faster engine warmup and increased use of the electric mode. Faurecia equips the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid and plug-in Hybrid as well as the Ford F-150 with this technology.

Electric heated
Improving air quality with Electric Heated Catalysts

In anticipation of stricter emissions regulations and in order to improve air quality, Faurecia has developed the Electrically Heated Catalyst.
80% of pollutants are emitted in the first 20 seconds of an engine’s operation. The Electric Heated Catalyst activated in low-temperature phases, uses electric energy to heat exhaust gases and the ceramic catalyst cells to reach their full efficiency temperature in the shortest timing.
For gasoline applications, at the right level of temperature for the catalyst, the pollutants are converted beyond 95%.
For diesel applications, the Electrically Heated Catalyst enables an overall reduction of 75% of NOx emissions.
The Electrically Heated Catalyst is compliant with Euro 7 emissions standards as well as ultra-low emissions standards for urban areas.

Heated Doser
Reducing fuel consumption and NOX emissions for commercial vehicles with Heated Doser

Designed for optimal performance even at low exhaust temperatures, the Heated Doser helps reduce both fuel consumption and NOx emissions. It also helps reduce deposits and increase engine lifetime. Through its ability to operate rapidly even at low temperatures, the Heated Doser converts NOx particles, and is in line with upcoming Ultra Low NOx and Euro VII regulations.