Business Ethics

Business Ethics

A culture of integrity and shared responsibility

Faurecia has been recognized as a United Nations Global Compact company since 2004 for its commitment to respecting and promoting the International Labor Organization international conventions on human rights, labor standards and the environment. To foster a culture of integrity across the entire Group, the Faurecia ethics and compliance program aims to implement policies, processes, training and communications in line notably with four key tools: our Code of Ethics, our Supplier Code of Conduct, our Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Corruption and our Speak Up platform.




Intégration de l’éthique et de la compliance au centre de nos activitésEmbedding ethics & compliance at the heart of all that we do

Faurecia’s Code of Ethics governs the day-to-day and strategic way we do business with our employees and business partners at all levels, in all countries. We aim to embed the core principles outlined in this code into employee development, customer interactions and social dialogue.


Approvisionnement responsable conforme aux principes universellesSourcing responsibly aligned with global principles

Faurecia works exclusively with suppliers who comply with our sustainable procurement policy that embodies the fundamentals of the ISO 20060 international standard for procurement. Our Supplier Code of Conduct prioritizes protecting the environment, respecting human and labor rights and ethical business conduct.

Download Forvia’s Supplier Code of Conduct


Preventing corruption, fostering fairnessPreventing corruption, fostering fairness

All Faurecia employees are responsible for understanding corruption and knowing how to prevent it, no matter their role or where they are located. Our Anti-corruption Code of Conduct details clear policies and principles to help employees identify corrupt business practices: from gifts and hospitality to conflicts of interest and more.


Permettre à chacun d'exprimer ses préoccupationsEmpowering everybody to voice concerns

Our employees, customers and partners are the front line in holding us to a higher standard: all stakeholders - internal or external - are empowered to, anonymously, report ethics and corruption issues. Our Speak Up portal, available in 18 languages, ensures Faurecia and third parties (suppliers, customers, NGOs etc) uphold our values.