Why join us

Why join us

At Faurecia, we are shaping the future of mobility: Electrification. Autonomous driving. Cockpits to drive, relax and work safely. A real lifecycle value offer. We work on challenges that matter.

Faurecians are energetic, agile and high-performing team players who thrive in this fast-changing environment. Globally-minded people who want to grow, who share a passion and a commitment to transform the world. We believe people matter.


Transform with us

We are motivated by the very fast-paced environment of a business sector undergoing meaningful transformation. We are energized by working to solve big problems in pragmatic ways.


Put your energy to good use

Faurecians are energetic and passionate. We have grit and tenacity. We meet our challenges and always strive to be the very best. And we use these qualities to design our own career paths. We get out of Faurecia what we put in.


Help build a sustainable future

We are an open, engaged community working on cleaner and smarter mobility. We have strong convictions and values. Our shared culture lets us balance short-term goals with long-term ambitions.


Take the journey with us, a journey that matters.

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