Faurecia employees take over Instagram with “A week in a life” program

In Faurecia’s “A week in a life” program” on Instagram, employees share their daily work lives on the Group’s Corporate account.

Every week, get a new glimpse into the daily life of a Faurecian employee from all over the world and learn more about all the different jobs, exciting professions, and diverse work environments within our Group.

It has been a little over a year since Faurecia launched its “A week in a life” program on Instagram. Since then, more than 45 Faurecians from 15 different countries have accepted to share their daily work lives on Instagram over the course of a week. We have gotten a closer look at 25 different job positions and a wide variety of profiles, with more to come!
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"A week in a life" - Instagram
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"A week in a life" on Instagram - presentation
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Eric Fohlen Weill
Head of Corporate Communications
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