Cockpit of the Future

Faurecia invests in Powersphyr to enhance its technology offering for cockpit connectivity

Faurecia, one of the world's leading automotive technology companies, today announced an investment in Powersphyr, a Silicon Valley start-up to accelerate the Group’s solutions for a smart and connected Cockpit of the Future.
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Powersphyr is a leading provider of innovative wireless charging solutions focused on automotive, consumer, and industrial markets. Their easy-to-use solutions can be adapted to many types of electronic devices benefitting from wireless power delivery. Powersphyr’s wireless power solutions incorporate various near-field and far-field power delivery techniques to enable optimized user experiences for a multitude of applications.


The best–in class wireless solutions developed by Powersphyr are crucial to enhance the user connectivity experience inside the next generation of Cockpit. The synergies that exist between Powersphyr, Parrot Automotive and Coagent Electronics will make our offering more relevant for our customers and will enable us to propose complete, smart, seamless connectivity and infotainment solutions into the vehicle.

David Weill
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Vice President Marketing and Business Development of Faurecia Interiors

This investment was made by Faurecia Ventures, which advances Faurecia’s innovation strategy by identifying, incubating and investing in start-ups with relevant technologies for sustainable mobility and smart life on board.

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