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Faurecia launches international finance graduate program, designed as career accelerator for ambitious young talents

This year, for the first time, Faurecia is launching an international program for finance graduates. Open to recent graduates interested in a career in finance, successful candidates will have the opportunity to work on a range of assignments across the company, from corporate finance to controlling, including overseas, before finding their permanent role. We spoke to Alice Schmauch, Group Deputy Chief Financial Officer, and Hélène Leseigneur, Talent and Organizations Development Director, to find out more.
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Why did you decide to create this program?

Alice S

Alice Schmauch: In seeing the invaluable contribution our young talents were making in finance, from interns to entry-level employees, we wanted to design a program that would enable us to give more to our junior team members. The initial idea was to give these select participants a chance to experience different aspects of finance. Since we first shared this idea with our talent acquisition teams, it’s grown into a full-fledged two-year program with opportunities for rotations, working abroad, and mentoring.

What can a graduate expect over the course of the two-year program?

Hélène Leseigneur: After one month of onboarding at our headquarters and one immersion week at our largest Global Business Center, graduates will be placed on their first of up to three assignments. Over the course of the two-year program, graduates can take on assignments from controlling (operations, engineering, or financial projects) to corporate finance (tax and treasury management for example) in industrial and R&D facilities, as well as Business Groups and HQ.

In addition to this 360° finance education, each participant will benefit from an individual development plan, be paired with a mentor in the finance department for the duration of the program, and have the opportunity to take part in Drive Leadership, our in-house management course. At the end of the program, we will work with participants on finding a permanent place in the company that best suits the next step of their career.

How is this finance graduate program different?

HL: A number of companies offer graduate programs in finance, but what stands out about Faurecia’s is the wide range of international placements: it’s a real career accelerator designed to give a holistic experience in finance, and the chance to develop an international network.

Hélène L

AS: For me, it’s the mentorship aspect: we believe people matter and have put a lot of thought into designing an enriching program. Mentors can give a lot to a recent graduate, from job-specific advice to general professional support. We are so grateful to our colleagues in finance who will mentor our graduates, and look forward to pairing them!

How does this program fit within the wider context of Faurecia’s recruitment strategy for young talents?

HL: Every year Faurecia hires over 1000 interns and apprentices (on work-study programs) and over 400 VIEs. In fact, Faurecia employs more recent graduates through its VIE program than any other company that takes part in the scheme. We firmly believe that the young talents of today will decide what the mobility of tomorrow will look like, and their perspectives are essential to our business strategy.

We want to make sure that ambitious young people who are eager to learn and be part of a team in a fast-paced company have a place at Faurecia, and room to grow. We strive to give all our young talents the opportunity to reach their potential.  

 Why join Faurecia now?

AS: This is an exciting time to be at Faurecia: with the acquisition of a majority stake in HELLA, we are coming together as FORVIA, the world’s seventh largest automotive technology company. FORVIA is a multicultural and global company, focused on high-growth segments, and is committed to becoming CO2 neutrality from 2025 for internal emissions and from 2045 for all emissions. We are not only developing new products but new, more sustainable, and agile business models to meet the strategic challenges of mobility.

Our transformation is on, and offers thrilling opportunities and perspectives for young talents who join us today: we are inviting them to take a journey that matters.



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