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Faurecia to test-bed real-time emissions monitoring from a fleet of DHL commercial vehicles in Singapore

Following an innovation call from Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) for demonstrations of real-time monitoring solutions for NOx and particulate matter emissions from diesel vehicles, Faurecia has been awarded a two-year pilot project involving live tracking of emissions from a fleet of commercial vehicles.
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In partnership with DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider, Faurecia will equip a fleet of commercial vehicles with sensors to monitor NOx and fine particulates in real time using a unique sensing technology currently being developed by Faurecia.

In addition to real-time emissions monitoring, Faurecia will also provide a digital city dashboard giving live information on the level of emissions from vehicles. Therefore, the user will be able to interact with drivers and provide individual recommendations to reduce their ecological footprint through more responsible driving behaviors.

Faurecia has also signed a research collaboration agreement with the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), a research entity under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) to carry out advanced  computational analysis of the data Faurecia collects, with the objective to evaluate the potential of real emission based traffic management systems.

Under the NEA’s Technology Translation grant scheme, NEA seeks technological solutions to address various environmental needs, including those for improving air quality.


Faurecia is particularly honored to have been chosen by the National Environment Agency of  Singapore—the world's most advanced city in the field of smart and sustainable mobility—to  testbed our solutions designed to reduce emissions coming from road transportation and improve air quality in cities. The partnership with DHL Express, which follows on from their Go Green strategy, is also a great example of how the mobility value chain is committed to control their emissions towards a greater sustainable mobility.

Nicolas de Franc Ferrière
Fonction de l'auteur
Vice President, Commercial Vehicles & High Horsepower of Faurecia

It is exciting to be a part of this trial with like-minded partners who share our vision to protect the environment and drive the sustainability agenda. Aligned to our goal to attain zero logistics-related emissions by 2050, we hope our contributions to a successful trial will benefit not just the industry, but also the wider economy.

Sean Wall
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Executive Vice-President, Network Operations and Aviation, DHL Express, Asia Pacific
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