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CES Las Vegas

Faurecia will reveal breakthrough technologies for the cockpit of the future and zero emissions mobility at the Consumer Electronics Show

At CES® Las Vegas (January 7th -10th 2020), Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, will demonstrate its latest innovations for the Cockpit of the Future and Sustainable Mobility, with two booths located in Central Plaza (CP3) and the Platinum Lot (PL3).
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Faurecia will showcase exciting new demonstrators and test drive vehicles, including technologies from its recently created Business Group, Faurecia Clarion Electronics, its fuel cell joint venture with Michelin and its partnership with Microsoft.  

Among the technologies highlighted on Central Plaza:

  • A redesigned interior of a Ford F150 pick-up truck, demonstrating the Group’s broad technology portfolio and integration expertise for a connected, versatile and personalized interior. Faurecia will showcase scalable and upgradable hardware and software solutions that enable automakers and mobility providers to personalize the onboard experience.
  • New in-car digital services for today’s connected lifestyles: productivity and leisure on the go, immersive sound, cinematic and gaming experiences, onboard exercise and relaxation.
  • Fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage systems for zero emission mobility.
  • New e-mirror technology with integrated interior displays to improve fuel economy and driving safety.  


On the Platinum Lot, a driving area where visitors will be able to: 

  • Test drive our immersive sound vehicles with state-of-the-art digital sound tuning and active noise cancellation on the road.
  • Experience vehicles powered by Faurecia Clarion’s Advanced Driver Assistance systems (ADAS) which allow autonomous pick-up, valet parking and even an autonomous drive on the road.
  • Trailer assist for hitching up a trailer and parking.
  • Experience a hydrogen powered ride in a fuel cell electric utility vehicle.  


A press conference with Faurecia CEO, Patrick Koller will be held on January 6 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 2.00PM

(room Surf A-B-C)


Faurecia looks forward demonstrating our latest innovations for the Cockpit of the Future and Sustainable mobility. All the technology bricks we are demonstrating have roadmaps for development and commercialization with a short time to market. These are concrete solutions that will transform the user experience and meet occupants’ expectations for connected, personalized and sustainable mobility.

Patrick Koller
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Chief Executive Officer of Faurecia
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