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Faurecia wins two innovation awards at the Shanghai Auto Show

Faurecia has won two major awards for its Cockpit of the Future innovations during the Shanghai Auto Show.
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The Jinji Award 2019 by Gasgoo for the Immersive Sound Experience

Initiated by Gasgoo, a leading Chinese automotive web platform, the Jinji Award recognized the Immersive Sound Experience solution as one of the top ten innovations at the Shanghai Auto Show. Faurecia’s innovation creates an individual sound bubble for each occupant for unique audio experience. The award ceremony was held on April 18 during the 11th Annual Global Auto Industry Summit 2019.


Auto Innovator Award for the onboard user experience in the Cockpit of the Future

At the China Automotive Inventor summit held on April 14, Faurecia received the Auto Innovator Award from Sohu Auto, an online automotive news platform, for its Cockpit of the Future experience. Through onboard intelligence and integrated design, Faurecia creates a connected, safe, personalized and immersive experience for all occupants to make their most of time onboard.


In addition, Faurecia has recently won a PACE award for its Resonance Free Pipe lightweight acoustic technology and the iF Design Award for its connected, versatile and personalized Cockpit of the Future vision. 


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