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Life at Faurecia

Life at Faurecia: everyone’s talking about it


Faurecia is developing at an incredible pace and communications plays an active role in supporting these business and cultural transformations. We’re excited by a company-wide program that is inspiring our employees to share their experiences and talk with pride about what’s happening at Faurecia.

Our Group, like our industry, has been transforming itself over recent years, creating new areas of expertise and working more collaboratively in a wider ecosystem with customers, partners, suppliers and start-ups to serve new needs in the automotive industry and the consumer. To adapt ourselves to this different way of working more and more agile and to be more attractive, we need reinforce our visibility and our communication both internally and externally.

We’re fortunate to have an international community of 115,000 Faurecians across 32 countries, experts in their field and passionate about their work in a variety of skilled areas. We set out to find a way to harness this energy to communicate openly and proactively about our vision, our technology expertise and what it’s like to work at Faurecia. From the outset, our aim was to bring something of interest to all our audiences – our employees as well as for clients, industry partners or talents looking for their next career move.

Social media is a key communication channel for most of us professionally and personally. Our first step was to aggregate all our content into Sociabble - a smart digital app that makes it easier for our people to access information about Faurecia that they can then share with their own networks. To go beyond ‘corporate’ communications content, we then structured a program giving different ways for people at all levels to be part of our communication efforts – from our Chief Executive Officer, business experts to teams at Group sites across the globe. Our program is called VOICES – reflecting how the diverse perspectives of people across Faurecia are helping us start conversations about Group’s news.

For example, on LinkedIn Faurecia experts are sharing their insights on new skills and technology solutions at work in the group - from the science of comfort, sustainable mobility to how we’re integrating digital approaches such as blockchain. It’s good for raising awareness of our strategic priorities, our transformation, internally and externally and great for our contributors too, as we can boost visibility of their expertise to wider professional circles via various Group channels. 

Last year we got even more creative and launched a ‘Week in the Life of’ on Instagram – handing over our corporate account each week to someone from a different team, site or country to share their experiences, challenges and passions at work and beyond. These photos and text posts are a very visual and authentic way to give a flavour of life at Faurecia, especially to our target of young millennials. Our 50 contributors to date from 18 countries ranging from Mexico, India to Germany and Japan have found many original and fun ways to do it! Initially we compiled a list of potential profiles with our colleagues in HR and communications. Now that the programme has gained momentum, we have a waiting list of people eager and proud to show what they do at Faurecia!

VOICES has been embraced enthusiastically by people across Faurecia and is proving a great lever to strengthen the engagement and pride of belonging of our teams. What’s key is that it’s a group-wide initiative – from our Chief Executive Officer sharing his strategic vision with institutional and industry audiences, to business experts talking about our technology know-how on LinkedIn and Instagram snapshots of everyday life from people in different job functions at Faurecia. While it’s a good example of a successful employee advocacy program, we see it as a perfect way to demonstrate every facet of ‘Being Faurecia’.

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Faurecia's "A week in a life" program on Instagram
Faurecia's "A week in a life" program on Instagram
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