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Faurecia purchasing
Faurecia’s ambition is to strengthen its position as a global leader by continuing its growth across international markets. To ensure our success, we focus on creating sustainable value with our suppliers in a relationship based on respect, strong ethical business standards and technological leadership.
What we stand for
What we stand for

Faurecia builds close, long-term relationships with its suppliers based on mutual growth and benefit. This commitment has helped us become a preferred business partner for a global network of suppliers with whom we are creating competitive advantage.

Our aim is to ensure that our internal and external customers have the best solution for their business needs. Through sharing best practices and continually improving and simplifying processes, together with our suppliers we are better able to reach excellence in cost, cash and risk management whilst fostering innovation.


Faurecia's convictions & values

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Our Commitments

Faurecia, is committed to growth founded on socially-responsible actions and behaviors in all countries in which it operates and in all fields of its business.

We adhere to:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
  • The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work,
  • The Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work,
  • The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development,
  • The United Nations Convention Against Corruption.


These commitments are set out in Faurecia’s “Code of Ethics” which defines the “Rules of Business Conduct” that must be applied to day-to-day interactions both internally and with outside parties. Each individual at every level of the organization must know and comply with these principles in all circumstances.

Faurecia strives to continually reduce its environmental impact and expects its suppliers to support a sustainable approach in the design, development and production of solutions for a vehicle’s lifecycle.

Consult our Code of Conduct – Sourcing and Supply-Chain” to learn about the CSR requirements for Faurecia suppliers.

What we’re looking for
What we’re looking for

Purchasing policy: Acting in the best interests of our ecosystem


purchasing policy


What our activities need

To ensure reliable and high level quality for our clients, we’re looking for suppliers to provide products and services to our three core business groups:




Faurecia Seating focuses on seat structures, manual and electric seat mechanisms and complete seat assembly.

Using advanced technology, Faurecia has developed innovative solutions for advanced safety, thermal and postural comfort and enhanced wellness on board.




Faurecia Interiors manages the development of smart instrument and door panels, center consoles and acoustic modules.

Faurecia’s full interior systems also include personalized cabin climate comfort and air quality, seamlessly combining software and hardware for the cockpit of the future.


Clean mobility


Clean Mobility focuses on optimizing the energy efficiency of interiors for low environmental impact.

Its solutions for air quality, energy efficiency, acoustic performance and powertrain electrification address the needs of all types of vehicles to drive mobility and industry toward zero emissions.


Clarion Electronics

Clarion Electronics

Faurecia Clarion Electronics develops and produces in-vehicle infotainment and HMI systems, full digital sound design, advanced driver assistance, connectivity & cloud services for customers globally.


Faurecia works with suppliers in a range of ways – from short-term contracts to answer specific Faurecia needs, mid-term relationships for business development -, or long-term collaboration for mutual growth and benefit.

Innovate with Faurecia
Innovate with Faurecia

Faurecia’s innovation focuses on developing solutions that address automotive and environmental challenges.

Technological leadership is one of our key axes to drive growth and position us as a global leader innovating for mobility. Encouraging and supporting our suppliers to develop exclusive solutions is a priority for Faurecia purchasing.

For all R&D activities, we are looking for suppliers that create value and improve environmental performance for the end-consumer by contributing to an enhanced and sustainable driving experience. In all business lines and product ranges, Faurecia integrates weight reduction and recyclability goals right from the design stage.


Suppliers toolkit
Suppliers toolkit
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Join us
Join us

Purchasing teams engage in a diverse array of activities, from buying important raw materials to assessing the value of intellectual property. Purchasing influences the company’s economic performance across multiple areas, including sourcing, negotiation, evaluation, market analysis, cost constraints, innovation, deadlines, quality, co-development, competitiveness…

At a fundamental level, Purchasing is about getting the best deal for the resources available to Faurecia. But, it’s a role that goes far beyond researching costs.

What’s happening on international markets that will affect the supply and demand of needed products? What’s the ideal profile for a provider of a specialized service? How far should Faurecia be willing to go in a negotiation to secure timely supply at an advantageous price while ensuring that our absolute requirements for quality and safety are met?

A focus on the needs of Faurecia’s customers and the importance of building enduring, trust-based relationships with suppliers are key to keeping our business on track.

Our job offers

Théodore Gachet, Program buyer, Automotive Seating
Théodore Gachet