Auto Shanghai 2023 - From electrification to captain chair : FORVIA displays deep understanding of chinese market


Auto Shanghai 2023 - From electrification to captain chair : FORVIA displays deep understanding of chinese market

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- FORVIA will showcase breakthrough technologies at Auto Shanghai from April 18-27, 2023, participating for the first time as the world’s 7th largest automotive technology supplier.
- FORVIA will present its new solutions developed for the Chinese market alongside its global state-of-the-art portfolio, including its award-winning Solid-State Lighting High-Definition headlamp (SSL | HD).
- All these technologies illustrate FORVIA’s commitment to become carbon-neutral across all operations and products by 2045.


Visit FORVIA at Hall 1.2, booth 1BF005, National Exhibition and Convention Center.

Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia, will host a press conference on April 19 at 10:00 A.M. local time on FORVIA’s booth to present FORVIA’s activities at a global and local level : 


We are excited to bring our innovative solutions to Auto Shanghai and share FORVIA’s vision of the enhanced mobility experiences. As the world's largest automotive market, China is key for FORVIA, it is a growing Region and a dynamic adopter of new technologies to enhance people's lives. Drawing on our 30 years in China and a significant innovation and manufacturing presence, we look forward to supporting Global and Chinese OEMs to meet the evolving needs of consumers in China and overseas markets.

Patrick Koller
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CEO of Faurecia

Electrification & Energy Management

Zero Emission multiple powertrain platform flexibility featuring technologies capable of supporting fuel cell electric, battery electric, and hybrid (FCEV and EV) powertrains. Displayed on a unique electric vehicle platform, it demonstrates how we can support multiple future powertrain architectures without compromising quality or performance.

Our state-of-the-art hydrogen storage system is an innovative prismatic composite structure that achieves up to 50% more storage capacity for greater autonomy compared to cylindrical tanks. As one of the industry pioneers in hydrogen storage system development, we are prepared to deliver next generation solutions to help automakers address critical zero emission and fuel cell integration challenges.

High voltage electric vehicle energy and thermal management technologies include our coolant control hub, high density onboard charger, high voltage DC/DC converter and lightweight, scalable battery management systems designed to maximize efficiency and reduce size, complexity, and cost. 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) green display builds on our market-first Perceptual Display Platform technology by enabling automatic image enhancement, energy saving and lifetime upgrading on any type of display hardware making it an ideal solution for electric vehicle manufacturers looking for battery optimized high-end display systems.

Our zonal module for state-of-the-art electric/electronic architecture ensures intelligent power and data distribution with highest safety of electrified powertrain, thanks to a world-first eFuse technology ensuring fail-operational power for automated driving. 

Safe & Automated Driving

Automated driving with best-in-class radars and sensors, enabling safety and visibility around the car with perceptive software, and data fusion. Fail operational electronics for steering and braking are available in FORVIA’s portfolio to ensure safe, automated and customized driving experiences. With both radar and camera, our solutions include interior child presence detection and driver distraction and drowsiness monitoring.

Reactive dimming, which made its debut at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, as a combination of gaze monitoring with smart dimming applied on eMirror that will help to reduce cognitive load, driver distraction and fatigue. 

Dynamic lighting with superior styling, up to 80 percent reduction of energy consumption compared to conventional taillights, and digital, flexible integration options configurable for automaker-specific design needs, including our award-winning Digital Headlamp Solid State Lighting High-Definition, SSL | HD.

Personalized Experiences in the Digital Sustainable Cockpit

Cabin Centerpiece “Lumières” demonstrating our highly versatile “Third Place” cockpit design. It offers an innovative and customized mobility experience between front and rear seats that creates an ‘at home’ environment through reconfigurable seating, adaptive lighting and individualized sound headrests. The cabin centerpiece achieves 45% CO2 emissions reductions through lightweight architectures, sustainable materials, and energy optimized electronics. It features groundbreaking exterior lighting solutions, gaze-based intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) on multiple driving displays and brake-by-wire integration.

Modular and sustainable Seating and Interiors showcasing recyclable, bio-sourced materials, extended lifecycle usage, and customized comfort options to create an ideal occupant experience. World premiere technologies include our Modular Seat Architecture offering a simplified, flexible, and upgradable design and Compact Seat Structure improving electric vehicle battery space and creating a more comfortable passenger experience.

Digital mobility experience and connected services highlighting digital continuity from home to car with FORVIA’s market-leading Aptoide App Store, game and news center, and the possibility to upgrade your vehicle over-the-air with a wide set of FORVIA services. Reactive dimming and immersive display offer a safe and new digital experience for the driver. 

Advanced and Sustainable Interiors as part of FORVIA’s new MATERI’ACT brand focused on developing and producing at scale sustainable materials. These materials will provide up to 85 percent CO2 reduction by 2030 and combined within interior technologies such lens displays and active surface integration, delivering a 30 percent kWh reduction to boost electrical vehicles range extension.

Faurecia’s Zero-Gravity Captain Chair illustrates how we apply our industry-leading seating and comfort expertise to meet the varying expectations of customers around the world. Drawing on our insights into the Chinese market where there is increased demand for comfort in the rear of the vehicle, we have created the ultimate in passenger comfort and well-being with our zero-gravity Captain Chair. 

FORVIA will host a press conference on April 19 at 10:00 A.M. local time on its booth to present its activities at both global and local levels. Please reach out to our Press Contact if you are interested in attending. Visit us at booth 1BF005, Hall 1.2, National Exhibition and Convention Center.



FORVIA, through its two entities, Faurecia and HELLA, has demonstrated over the years a strong presence in China, with more than 28.000 employees at 95 industrial sites in more than 30 cities. For FORVIA, China represents an important technological stronghold marked by significant growth over the last few years, high competitiveness and, especially, cutting-edge thinking on the road to sustainability through electric vehicles. FORVIA is deeply committed to China: the Group has forged very strong relationship with the main Chinese manufacturers, in total there are more than 40 Global and Chinese OEMs who partner FORVIA.

The Group's presence in China for the past 30 years led to a complete proximity, understanding and cultural adaptation to the needs of Chinese consumers. FORVIA’s strategic vision, which is increasingly sustainable, connected, and personalized, perfectly meets the expectations of the Chinese market. 

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