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Faurecia renews commitment to maintain 1000 jobs for apprentices and young graduates

As part of its contribution to supporting future generations, Faurecia has committed to maintaing existing programs for apprentices and recent graduates.
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Faurecia currently employs around 700 apprentices in France and is one  of the main employers of the VIE program (which allows recent graduates to work overseas for French companies for up to four years) with over 300 employees.    

In spite of challenging economic conditions, on July 9 during French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire’s visit to Faurecia’s site in Méru, Faurecia committed to maintaining its current level of 1000 apprenticeships, VIE positions and PhD opportunities for 2020 and 2021. The Group’s human resources teams are mobilized to manage recruitment for these positions in line with this ambition. 


As part of our conviction, we are renewing our engagement with the young talent of today that will shape the world of tomorrow. With employment prospects for 2020’s graduates of particular concern in the current economic crisis, we are proud to offer these opportunities to this generation.

Falak Elliot
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Head of Talent Acquisition at Faurecia France

With offers for apprenticeships regularly posted on our career website, Faurecia encourages candidates from a range of backgrounds to apply.

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